Student 3 – Day 40 |Launching Your Facebook Group – Part 10 of 10

Here are some benefits that branded groups can provide:

Provide extra value for customers
Your Facebook group can easily provide extra value for your customers.

Create a sense of community
Your best bet in building relationships with your audience in the social media landscape is to build relationships and a sense of community.

Create a sense of exclusiveness
Everyone wants to feel special right? Private Facebook groups can provide just that.

“Beat” the algorithm
Since, as noted, Facebook Groups generally see higher levels of engagement than Pages – and posts from groups in which you’re regularly active are also given higher status in the News Feed algorithm – creating and maintaining a group can be a way to “beat” the algorithm and get your posts seen by your group members.


How to use Facebook Groups Effectively
Okay, so now that we’ve covered a few reasons why Facebook Groups can be a great asset to your social media portfolio, let’s go over some tips on how to run them effectively.

Set the rules
Group rules are important for keeping all things in order. Facebook has some pre-populated rules in the “rules” section of your group (including ‘no spam’, ‘no hate speech’), but you should feel free to add your own.

Post regularly
As per usual, consistency is a key element in building interaction on any social media platform.

Respond to posts
You should always ensure that you respond to any posts or questions your members post in the group to spur further engagement.

Create exclusive content for your group
Aside from prompts – and being able to chat with others who are going to the same event, taking the same course or using your product – you need a little something more to keep the attention of your group members.

Check your analytics
Facebook Groups also now have analytics. As with your regular social media profiles, keep up with looking at your analytics to know what’s working.

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