Student 3 – Day 36 |Launching Your Facebook Group – Part 8 of 10

  1. Tastefully sell your offerings
    In your group description, you may want to include something like, “As a member of this group, you’ll be the first to learn about my new offerings.” That way, group members won’t be surprised when you occasionally sell something.

When you do sell, create multiple posts to be scheduled out using Hootsuite, Buffer or another social media tool. Your posts can each include a nugget of helpful content, or they can count down and let people know how much time they have left to buy your product.

Make sure to reach out to past purchasers to ask them to jump in and provide honest testimonials. This will not only add social proof to your launch, it will also move your post to the top of the group so that more people can see it.

As you can see, Facebook groups are a natural way to build your authority and connect with your audience in real time.

And, if you do them right, they will also get you paying customers and grow your email list on a daily basis.

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