Student 3 – Day 30 |Launching Your Facebook Group – Part 5 of 10

  1. Create content specifically for your group – Every once in awhile, share a personal story on your group wall.

Share your struggles (which helps people relate to you) and your successes (which helps you stand out as an authority). And, if you have a good sense of humor, have at it with the funny stories, too.

Also, demonstrate your expertise by writing posts that help your members take action on their goals.

For example, if you create a group that helps people get organized, write a post with “The 3 first steps to getting your desk organized” and then ask people to share pictures of their desks below.

  1. Get organic testimonials
    What do you believe more, a company’s claims that they’re the best, or a 5 star Yelp rating?

For me, it’s the Yelp rating.

If you’re working with someone one on one and they tell you they’re loving it, gently request that they put a post about it in the group.

If you’re promoting an offering, reach out to past customers and ask them to write positive comments about your offering.

And then take screenshots of the comments to share in your emails to your list.

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