Student 3 | Day 7 – Sample Ad Copy

This is James Stevens I am conducting a case study for 90 days with several students on how to make money online with little to no money. My third student is Markquis Lee. He has launched his first traffic site called Solo Ad Festival.  This is a mailer and traffic surf exchange.  Please join today.

Markquis The Digital Marketer

Student 3 | Day 7 – Sample Ad Copy

Student 3 | Day 7  – This is Markquis, I am looking to write some new ad copy for my site.  Ad copy is very helpful to get new members to your site. 

What is ad copy? Ad copy sells. It’s a cheerleader. Not a cheerleader for products, but one for that voice inside your head. The one who’s always saying things like, “I should get up early before those new Jordans sell out” or “I really need those sleek, leather hot pants”. (Just me?)  

In the right hands, ad copy is a powerful tool of persuasion. It can allay fear, evoke pride and, most importantly for our purposes, it sells.

How to write good ad copy – There are no rules for writing good ad copy.  But, used wisely, the following tricks of the trade can really help.

Appeal to Sense of Urgency – One major way you can influence people with your ad copy is to appeal to their sense of loss. People don’t like to feel as if they’re about to miss out on a deal, an offer, or an item they really want. Using your ad copy to reference the potential for a loss can lead to a high click rate and more conversions.

Please let me know what you think about the samples of ad copy below.


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Below are some quotes of Tony Evans. He is an American Christian pastor, speaker, author, and widely syndicated radio and television broadcaster in the United States. He founded The Urban Alternative, a national organization that seeks to restore hope and transform lives.  The Urban Alternative radio broadcast is called The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans.

“Success is not what you have done compared to what others have done. Success is what you have done compared to what you were supposed to do. You cannot change the way you feel until you change the way you think because your thoughts will determine the way you feel. If you have faith, you can do what others can’t do, because you can see what others can’t see. Don’t wait until you are a big shot to do big shot things.” 

–  Tony Evans

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