Student #3 | Day 4 – JV Membership SWAP

Markquis The Digital Marketer

Student #3 | Day 4

Day 4 – This is Markquis. below is a sample letter for a JV Membership swap with other mailers and traffic surf exchanger owners.  Because of this membership swap, I will be able to get my message to the world for a very low cost. This membership swap is very good.



I would like to make this offer to you that we help each other to grow our safelist. My user name at your site is Markquis 105, my member number is 105 and my name is Marquis Lee.

Currently,  I am involved in  a case study for 90 days with other students on how to make money online  with little to no money.  Each student  will be given $100.00 to create a online business.  The findings of the study will be made public for the world to see that this dream is true.  In the words of Williams Hollis “Success is a choice and success is a mind frame.” This study is being conducted by James Stevens.  This is the launch of  first traffic site called “Solo Ad Festival”. 

Here are more details about this case study:

  • Start with $100.00
  • Promote their digital business every day
  • Re-Invest all profits
  • Join 25 Mailers and or Traffic Surf Exchange Sites
  • Each Student will have a website and with a blog site
  • Each Student will several social media accounts
  • Became the Admin of a RT Mailer and Traffic Surf Exchange
  • Re-design the banners for the RT Mailer and Traffic Surf Exchange
  • Given a blank mailer site to create and build up 

I am the owner of one Viral Mailer and TEs  sites called Solo Ad Festival. Let me help you grow your mailer and you do the same for me.  We can form a Joint Venture (JV) and share  some best practices on how to grow a mailer  and a traffic exchange. Also, let’s share some great knowledge about marketing  on the internet,  what works and what does not work.

At this time, my safelist offers:

  • Free Lifetime Membership Upgrade
  • Free Daily and Monthly Ad Points
  • Free Sign Up Ad Credits of 5,000
  • Free URL Cloaker and Rotator
  • Log-In Page Advertising
  • Proven Traffic Sources
  • Viral URL Rotator
  • Free To Join
  • Much More! 

I would like to make the following proposal to you. I will put several ads for your mailer on my sites, plus give you a Super JV Membership swap with 75,000 credits at Solo Ad Festival.   Also, allow several of my mailer ads to be placed in your site. If you would mail a special invitation to your membership asking them to join my site and I will do the same for you. If you have any questions please contact me.

Thanks for your time in this matter in advance and have a blessed day!

See you from the top

Markquis Lee

“Successful people are dreamers who have found a dream too exciting, too important, to remain in the realm of fantasy. Day by day, hour by hour, they toil in the service of their dream until they can see it with their eyes and touch it with their hands.” ~ Earl Nightingale

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